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In such a fast-paced world, it's easy to forget the natural beauty around you. Bernadette Chiaramonte-Brown uses her love of the outdoors and photographer's eye to present you with a collection of breathtaking displays of nature, wildlife, old buildings and landscapes. Emphasizing the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Edge of the Woods Photography inspires you to appreciate the world around you in a new light and grants you the ability to discover the peace and splendor that awaits right outside your back door.


Choose a Print That Speaks to You from the PA Wilds

Edge of the Woods Photography showcases the beauty of the wild. Enjoy the antiquity of an old building or the regal stance of an eagle in your home or office. Fall in love with the captured moment of a mother fox and her rambunctious cub, or ponder life as you look at various other original photographs. Edge of the Woods Photography's aim is to lift your spirits and to awaken your senses, allowing you to appreciate every detail of the world around you.

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Edge of the Woods Photography is selling quality prints for reasonable prices to display in your home or office. Would you like to learn more? Contact Edge of the Woods today. 


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